Shared Folder Method

This method can be used when users have access to shared/mapped drives. For remote users, likely this will require VPN. If you are using a shared cloud location (Box, Sharepoint, OneDrive...), then please use the Zip file Method.

This requires that Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2 or later is installed on each device that will run ScanWin.

  1. Download and Install ScanWin on your machine.
  2. On a Shared Drive that is centrally accessible, create a folder to hold ScanWin application and a folder to hold the collected data, for example:
    1. C:\ScanWin - Root folder that will be shared
    2. C:\ScanWin\ScanWin - Folder to hold the ScanWin application files
    3. C:\ScanWin\Data - Folder to hold the collected data files
  3. Set permissions on the root folder so that Everyone has Full Control
  4. Share the root folder and add Everyone to the share permissions, granting Full Control permissions
  5. Copy the contents of the ScanWin folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\ScanWin into the ScanWin folder (step 2.ii).
  6. Navigate to ScanWin folder (step 2.ii) and open ScanWin.exe.config using Notepad
  7. Change the value of "DataStorePath" to the UNC path of the Data folder (step 2.iii), making sure there is a trailing ‘\’.
  8. Change the value of "PerComputerDataStore" from "False" to "True".
  1. Save and Exit
  1. Machine type?
Standard machine (End users have full administrative rights)

Save ScanWin_Standard.cmd to the ScanWin folder (step 2.i) and rename it to ScanWin_Network.cmd

Lockdown machine (End users does not have administrative rights)

Save ScanWin_Admin.cmd to the ScanWin folder (step 2.i) and rename it to ScanWin_Network.cmd

Open ScanWin_Network.cmd file using Notepad

Encrypt your administrative credentials using Secure Credentials Utility

Edit the script to replace XXXX (highlighted in the screenshot below) with the copied encrypted credentials


  1. Open ScanWin_Network.cmd file using Notepad
  2. Change SET SCANWIN_DIR value to the UNC path of ScanWin folder (step 2.i)
  1. Save and Exit.
  2. On each machine where you want to take the inventory, navigate to the Shared Folder and double click on ScanWin_Network.cmd file.
  3. Scanning is considered complete when the command prompt window disappears.
  4. All scan results will be stored in the Data folder (step 2.iii).
  5. Once all machines have been scanned, Import scan results into ScanWin and Export it to Excel format.
  6. Send exported "AutodeskProducts.xlsx" file to your Autodesk representative